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Montgo is happy to support you in any business related issue within your organization. Our lengthy operational (feet in the dirt) experience ensures high quality, creativity and a solution-oriented outlook.

Montgo is an independent consulting firm that focuses on sustainable guidance and support to organizations in achieving their financial, operational, and commercial objectives. Because of our long-term relationships with our clients we feel genuinely responsible for the results. We help companies to grow, we help companies to restructure and we help in the field of mergers and acquisitions. We can just advise but we can also help you do it. In addition we facilitate- and invest in start-ups.

Our restructuring practices for example are characterized by a holistic approach. During the assessment of your business, we will scan the management skills, strategy, business model and financial performance. Companies very often experience problems due to the human factor. The right man or woman may not be in the right place. When misinterpreted, the problem cannot be solved. Montgo can help you with that. We come up with practical solutions. All members of our team have hands-on business experience at a very senior level, in addition to their consulting experience.

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Services by Montgo

  • Facilitate start-ups
  • Restructuring
  • Business, Financial, Commercial and Operational Advice
  • Business Plan Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Advice on Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Performance Analysis
  • Strategic Advice
  • Business Valuation
  • Transaction Support
  • Funding
  • Negotiation Processes
  • Operational, Commercial and Financial Support
  • Mediation
  • Interim Management (CEO, CFO, CCO, COO)
  • Membership of Supervisory Board

Investments by Montgo


Mecademy – Progress through Self-management

Mecademy supports employers and occupational health services to prevent and reduce long-term absenteeism through the timely deployment of an effective e-health programme, created for workers with disabling symptoms.

‘Progress through self-management’ is a new but proven E-health programme to help prevent and reduce long-term absenteeism. It is specially designed for workers with disabling symptoms and is based on self-management. Research has shown that successful reintegration is associated with sufficient self-confidence (self-efficacy). The latter is only possible if the employee timely becomes an active part of his own reintegration programme. We are pleased to outline the benefits here:

A Demonstrably Successful E-health Program

Did you know that over 40% of the population suffer from long-term physical and/or psychological problems? Did you know that this is often the main cause of long-term absenteeism? Our sister company in England has already demonstrated that ‘experiencing’ complaints is much more impressionable than ever had been imagined. The online education program has been very successful in England, and we have therefore customized it for Dutch companies and organizations, so that you too can benefit from it.

Readily Available for Workers with Disabling Symptoms

By providing practical tools that increase resilience, every employee is able to constructively deal with their complaints in a period of just seven weeks. By recovering their self-confidence, we teach them to think in opportunities rather than constraints. This non-medical intervention can be deployed from the moment of reporting sick, as well as preventively.

Proven Sustainable Results at a Lower Cost

The length of the absence has a strong correlation with the employee’s degree of self-assurance. Results show that participants in our E-health programme experienced a significant improvement, even after two years. Furthermore, scientific research shows that online programmes are at least as effective as more expensive face-to-face training. In short, more results at a lower cost!

Collaboration with Renowned Partners

To ensure that quality remains at the highest level, we work with a number of renowned partners. Ieder(in), for example, represents the interests of over three million people with a disability or chronic disease, and NIVEL (Dutch Institute for Healthcare) attends to the scientific basis of our results. We also work with Evalua, a spin-off of the VU-Medical Centre in the field of evidence-based questionnaires, and our sister organization Self-management UK – market leader in the UK – provides us with the latest updates in the field of E-Health.


Buro2_logo_met_payoff kopie mid 6

For directors and line managers in very different sectors, Burokwadraat is the ‘trusted advisor’ regarding sustainable employability, and for professionalizing and securing responsible behaviour on an organizational and on a personal level. The big advantage of our services is that the client’s ambitions are realized with demonstrable success, through its own people.

Although organizations continually optimize their processes and amply possess all kinds of instruments, and have a wide range of goals that need to be met, the coveted (self) steering person often has difficulty to impose, to accept (or have it accepted), to take (or have it taken), and to put off (or have put off) responsibility.

We are convinced that the human potential within your team is much bigger than you ever thought possible. You just need to activate it in the right way.

We believe that this is not achieved by unilaterally aiming for a better performance or culture change, but by approaching it holistically. We call this ‘quadrate thinking’ and we would be happy to show you how it works!

Do you want cost reduction, margin expansion, sustainable employability, customer retention, and a greater employee satisfaction? Through our unique phased process we, like no other, can intrinsically unfold the untapped potential within your own team in order to achieve your goals.

During our programmes, we will show you that success directly depends on one magic word: responsibility. By professionalizing and securing responsible behaviour within a team, you will be able to have better control over it. Therefore, Burokwadraat encourages that within the organization responsibility is taken intrinsically and successfully to reach the goals set for the organization.

Burokwadraat provides Red Belt training on exclusivity basis with Lean Six Sigma Partners at Soesterberg.

The result? A more responsible, happier and prouder team that knows, feels and acts the way they are expected to!


Classic Property Fund B.V. for many years (re)develops old buildings in Utrecht and (more recently) in Amsterdam. Our goal is to renovate these properties using timeless materials in order to make the old details visible again. In this way we combine style and nostalgia with modern convenience.

For sellers who want to continue to use part of the property as their own home, we can, with our own lawyers, split up the property for them.

Robert-Paul Caron is the founder of the fund and the daily management. He is assisted by a team of professionals. We have sufficient own financial resources in order to conclude an agreement without subject to financing.

Did you become curious for what we can do for you? We are happy to meet you!

The Team of Montgo

Robert Sinke

Robert Sinke

MBA, Partner (1961)

Robert has a sixth sense for selecting people and building successful teams. He is a member of the Supervisory Board of two family-owned businesses. Thanks to his experience at Pon Holdings (100% family-owned business), these two supervisory board positions and his elaborate consultancy services, Robert has comprehensive experience in family-owned businesses. He also has extensive experience in restructuring companies.

Robert is a business economist and started his career at Unilever. Since 1991, he has held various senior management positions at Intergamma B.V., the DIY market leader in the Benelux, with their Gamma and Karwei retail brands. In 1994 he joined their board and in 1998 Robert became CEO of Intergamma B.V.. During these nine years at Intergamma, Robert managed to expand the leading position of the company by realizing a consistent market share growth and profitability in a highly competitive market.

In 2000, Robert joined the Executive Board of Pon Holdings B.V. and went on to become CEO of Pon Automotive B.V. in the Netherlands, importer of brands like Volkswagen, Seat, Audi, Skoda and Porsche. In Poland, Pon imports Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche through a joint venture. Robert has managed to make Volkswagen the market leader in the Netherlands, and Audi the leading brand within the premium segment.

He also realized significant cost savings for the back-office services of Pon Automotive, for example by improving contractual terms with IBM. Robert was supervisory board member at Volkswagen Bank Poland and at Volkswagen Pon Financial Services in the Netherlands. Furthermore, he was a non-executive Board Member of Pon North America and Pon’s Caterpillar Business in Northwest Europe.

Bob Lokhorst

Bob Lokhorst

MBA, Partner (1962)

Bob is very analytical and solution-oriented. He has extensive experience in companies where cash is scarce. Bob has a vast experience in family-owned businesses, and knows his way in financial and operational restructuring processes, in restart scenarios and in funding.

Bob is a business economist and began his career at Arthur Andersen auditors. In 1995, he held the position of Financial Director at Computer Company. In this position, he was responsible for a full SAP implementation, which was successfully completed within six months. In 1997, he was responsible for the “reverse takeover” of the international CSS Group, a publicly traded company. Later on he joined the Executive Board of CSS as a CFO, where he was responsible for the buy-and-build strategy.

In 2003, Bob joined the management team of Scarlet N.V. as CFO and later as COO. In that capacity he was responsible for the financial and operational management of Scarlet. On several occasions he managed to attract funding for Scarlet’s strong growth. In total, an amount of over € 130 million was raised.

Bob has realized approximately 30 acquisitions and was responsible for the integration of these companies.

In 2008, Scarlet was sold to Belgacom for a total purchase price of € 175 million. Bob was responsible for negotiating, drafting and completing the transaction.

Simone Lamme

Simone Lamme

MSC EMFC (1966)

Simone has over 20 years of experience in large, also international, companies in retail and internet retail, FMCG, manufacturing, and business services.
Simone specializes in budgeting, planning and control, and performance management. She has a broad business view, strong analytical skills, and a proven track record.

After her studies in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Twente, Simone began her career at Accenture. She worked there for eighteen years. Between 2004 and 2006, she took up postgraduate studies to become Executive Master of Finance at the University of Amsterdam, after which she became a Business Control Manager at Accenture from 2003 till 2007.

Subsequently, Simone held several financial positions with ultimate responsibilities in the corporate sector. Overall, she is an experienced professional operating at the intersection of finance & control, ERP applications, and optimizing business processes.

Gert Jan Swart

Gerrit Jan Swart

Chartered Accountant (1957)

Gerrit Jan has extensive restructuring experience. His strength lies in analyzing and mapping structures and financial structures in different types of organizations in crisis situations or with inefficient management. Gerrit Jan is an excellent team player who brings out the best in people. He also has extensive M&A experience.

After his studies at the HEAO (Dutch School for Higher Education in Economics and Management), Gerrit Jan started in accountancy at then Coopers & Lybrand (currently PWC), where he graduated as a Certified Public Accountant. At this renowned accounting firm, Gerrit Jan worked for eleven years as an Audit Manager.

Subsequently, Gerrit Jan went on to take the position of Financial Manager with final responsibility in various industries, including manufacturing, fashion, business services at a housing corporation, construction industry, and wind energy.


The Montgo team has extensive general, operational, commercial, financial and transactional experience in a wide range of industries:

  • Telecom
  • Health care
  • Automation / Software / Services
  • Automotive
  • Retail (Internet Retailing)
  • Fashion
  • Construction / Demolition
  • Alternative Energy
  • Housing Corporations
  • Secondment
  • Leisure
  • Fitness and Well-being
  • Wholesale
  • Financial Services / Leasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Recycling

Montgo Case Studies

Guidance of a successful relaunch of the Golf Management Group with multiple branches and a turnover of approximately € 20 million. Montgo was closely involved in defining the process, creating a customized business plan, the preparation of the information memorandum, the selection of the new investor, the negotiation process –  including negotiations with the tax authorities, banks and other key stakeholders – and  execution of the restart, including a moratorium period. The process took three weeks.

Business analysis as part of the restructuring process of an international textile wholesaler with over € 125 million in sales. Montgo made an independent financial and operational analysis and assessed the quality of management, as the company no longer met the covenants of a consortium of three banks. Then Montgo proposed some potential, also strategic, solutions.

Montgo placed a Chief Restructuring Officer and CEO for 16 months at Kroymans Financial Services (KFS). KFS stayed clear of bankruptcy and all divisions were ultimately sold successfully. Three leasing companies, a finance company, an insurance agent and a real estate company were part of KFS. In addition, KFS was the owner of twenty-one classic Ferraris.

Quick scan of various fashion companies in order to optimize profitability.

Making a restart through a controlled bankruptcy with three out of five shoe wholesalers. Under Montgo supervision, the former owners repurchased the three companies from the trustee. After the restart, the companies were reorganized and to this day they are very profitable.

The Montgo team co-conducted the management of an investment fund, specializing in telecommunications in emerging telecommunication markets. Investments were made in Saudi Arabia and the Caribbean.

Guidance and structuring of a transaction within the SAP consulting industry. The acquisition of a company with 65 consultants that found themselves in difficulties. Montgo was closely involved in creating a business plan, preparing documentation, attracting financing, structuring the transaction, negotiations – including negotiations with the tax authorities and the bank – supervising due diligence, and the execution of the transaction. Montgo continues to support the Group in strategic and operational processes.

Reverse takeover of the publicly traded CSS Computer Company, including the preparation of a prospectus.

Buy-and-build Strategy of CSS through acquisition and integration of nearly 20 medium and large enterprises.

Funding of the above strategy by issuing shares for a total amount of up to € 100 million.

The team members of Montgo  have supervisory board positions in several large and medium-sized enterprises in various sectors.

Buy-and-build Strategy for Scarlet, consolidation of the Belgian telecommunication market; acquisition and integration of KPN Belgium, Planet Internet Belgium, Tiscali / Wanadoo Belgium and Signpost.

Reduced costs in a previously publicly traded secondment company by eliminating an entire management layer and cutting back the Board of Directors from 4 to 3 people.

Acquisition of Sahara Net (Internet Service Provider in Saudi Arabia) by Sahara International Ventures.

The executive management of a venture capital fund specialized in emerging telecommunication markets.

Conducting a business analysis (quick scan) of a manufacturing company in the oil and gas industry for its funding.

Private placement of a bond loan of € 25 million with renowned institutional investors.

Managing the process, including a full prospectus and placing a listed subordinated convertible bond for an amount of € 75 million.

Preparing and conducting an IPO, together with a large international banking consortium, including preparation of a full prospectus.

Acquisition of Scarlet Telecom by Belgacom (purchase € 175 million).

The team of Montgo has been involved in approximately 25 restructuring assignments.

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